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    The Most Fun You'll Have Proving Yourself!

    You're only moments away from experiencing, once you get started, is a journey that mentally, physically and spiritually rewarding .

    It was designed to be that way.

    Get in Shape Boot Camp was developed by a U.S. Navy Special Forces Veteran and TOP Personal Trainer Shannon M Hamilton - takes the very best parts of camaraderie and mental toughness and applies them to a P.F.T. (that's Physical Fitness Training for you civilians) program that is proven to exceed expectations.

    The Desire to get More ...From Yourself

    The Entire Get in Shape Boot Camp Staff are experts at setting you up for success, getting you to dig deep - even if you've tried before and failed. Actually, we work best with people who have had some type of setback because we've found those challenges create character and just need a litle more assistance. Our only job is to get you to reach your goal

    The truth is...we all have the ability to get more from ourselves

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    Shannon M Hamilton


    Personal Trainer| CFL1 Sports Nutritionist| CSCS

    myke Epps

    Lead Athletic Trainer

    Nelkoal Banks

    Personal Trainer

    Jerolyn Kight

    Personal Trainer

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