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Dear Friend,

Shannon here, hopefully your future trainer. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

If you’ve come across this page to find out how to lose weight … get in shape … or just experience more energy through the day, you are in the best place possible. However, I’m going to tell you something you may not like.

I’m not the kind of trainer you may be used too. I’m not that smiling guy who will have you run the treadmill for 10 minutes than congratulate you for your great “deed”.


Shannon Hamilton Sr 2012 for website

I have a military background and I’m focused on achieving results and actually helping you melt those pounds and fat away forever. Plus, delivering what I’ve promised.

And not making you feel comfortable.


Why I may come as a not so pleasant person in our trainings? Because I know you are strong.

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  • I know you’ve got the strength, the power, the focus to do a lot more than you think yourself capable of.
  • I know you can lose those unwanted pounds.
  • I know you can look fit or muscular.
  • I know you can have a flat stomach.

And no matter what you say to me … no matter how much you scream that you can’t do it anymore, I’ll prove to you that you can do it and push you to perform one more set. Because I believe in you.

And if your purpose here is to feel comfortable, maybe run a few miles on the treadmill while checking your email or read the newspaper – join a health club.

You’re in the wrong place.

Here, at “Get In Shape Boot Camp” we do things our style. We don’t like excuses. Neither me or the tens of people working out at any time. We know that you are capable of more than what you think. And we know that if you are motivated enough, if you are pushed enough and finally, if you are inspired ENOUGH …  you’ll do what you have to do to achieve your fitness goals.

Even if you didn’t think you have it in you.

Most of the participants here thought that they had it in them. They did. And they are proud of  it.

It’s your time to join them.

However, I understand that you may have been brainwashed by the media.
You may have thought that weight loss and getting in shape is an easy deal. Let me explain why most people don’t ever lose weight … no matter their good intentions and how you can avoid their biggest mistake.

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                                       The Big Weight Loss Lie

I don’t know you, but I can make an educated guess. This is not the first time in your life when you’ve tried to lose weight or to get in shape. You’ve tried it in the past too. Maybe you’ve took running. Or you’ve joined a gym. Or you’ve joined a local sports team. And it was fine. For a while.

The first time you went, you were feeling amazing. You could feel how you are getting better and better. You were acting like Stallone from the movie Rocky.

“Look at me. Nothing can stop me. I’m the king/queen of the world.”

And you exercised for a while. Maybe your health actually improved. Maybe your weight actually decreased. Then came a dreaded day. It was raining outside. Or you were tired. You felt hungry. You felt like you don’t want to work-out today.

You said to yourself …

What’s the big loss if I miss just ONE session? I’ll just go back again tomorrow.” So you’ve quit.

You did not know it yet, but you quit, in that moment. The second day come. You were busy. Maybe you had a project to do for work. Maybe your errands list was full. You’ve said to yourself “You know, I’ve missed it the last time. I can miss it now too. I’ll just start next week clean.”

Here, you killed every chance you had of becoming fit.

The next week came. You found an excuse and moved forward. The next month. The next year. You’ve quit working out permanently.

Now, I don’t know if this applies to you directly. But it applies to most people. This is how dieting usually turns out. You are excited for one day. Maybe two. Then in the third day, you make an exception.

“What can a burger do? I deserve it.”

One mistake leads to another. And soon after, you find yourself eating like you were eating before.

The reality is just this. It’s very hard to start weight loss. You can lose weight in many ways. If you are

disciplined, you can become very fit at home. But most people are not.

However, it’s not your fault.

                                    It’s Not Your FAULT… 

It’s not your fault that life throws obstacles in your way. In the end, you have enough problems to be a little dreadful about working out. After a long day at work, you don’t really feel like going to the gym and running 50 boring minutes on a treadmill?

A treadmill that isn’t even making you thinner, right?

If you don’t have the will power … the support … and the required accountability to stick from day A to day Z, you can even quit trying. In 99% of the cases, you’ll eventually give up. And even if you are special (you are reading this page after-all, instead of just deceiving yourself), chances are that you’ll give up too!

And if you don’t have a burning desire … coming from inside of you or from others … a desire to lose weight … a desire to look good … a desire to show the entire world that they made the wrong  judgement about you, again, don’t even try.


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You’re still here? Perfect.

You surprise me.

Most people would be in denial by now. They would say “no, this doesn’t apply to me”.

“I can do anything I want. If I want to quit smoking, I can. I have just decided not to. If I want to become a world champion in fitness, I can do it with ease. But it’s not my call” You are not one of them. I applaud you.

In this case, let me present to you “Get In Shape Boot Camp”. This operation, run by me and a few hand picked trainers is a place where we’ve combined military style training with motivation, accountability and group dynamics.

Now, in English this means that here you’ll work hard, you’ll be motivated to do things you never thought yourself possible, we’ll make sure you do what you’ve promised (we don’t take excuses) and you’ll be part of a group – a group of like minded people, with the same mission and purpose.

They’ll be your company. The enemy is a sedentary life and fat. Your brother in arms will guide you through every battle, until the war with yourself is over.

Everyone here is equal. We don’t care if you are fat or thin. We don’t care about your background. We care only if you want to join us and become the best YOU can be. If you want to have fun doing it. And if you will never, never give up.

This means that we train in a rather Spartan way. We don’t have the same capacities of a large health club.

But we have something better. We have mother nature and a few pieces of equipment that GUARANTEES results.

So some of the work-outs are outside. You’ll breath fresh air and you’ll bathe in the sun. You workout with your mates next to you. When you’ll slow down, we’ll help you get back on track. When you fall behind, I’ll help you catch up. So that at the end of the day, you’ll feel a dose of satisfaction running through your veins close to nothing in the world.

And most times, we train in the gym. The gym is not decorated in any fancy way. It’s a simple gym. It’s made as simple so it won’t distract you. There, we’ll do cardio and strength exercises. We’ll work-out and we’ll have fun. And we’ll always go until the end.

And … no matter what, we’ll be there next to you – leading by example.

    • If you have to run a few miles, I’ll lead the way.
    • If you have to do 100 push-ups, I won’t stand like a jerk counting them, but
    • I’ll be there, on the floor with you, keeping the pace.

    If you bleed, we bleed.

We won’t let you down, as long as you don’t let us down.


This Leads To A SUPER You!

  • You’ll feel better
  • You’ll act better
  • You’ll look better.
  • You’ll have the guts to ask for that promotion.
  • You will attract the opposite sex.
  • You’ll feel proud every time you go out.
  • Because working out – improves all aspects of life. Period.

But as I’ve mentioned earlier, coming to the gym is just the first step. It’s easy to get excited your first day or week. However you will never feel all of these rewards if you don’t go through until the end. You must come when you don’t want to. You must keep going when you’re tired.

That’s why, we …




  • Do you think you can’t lose that weight?
  • Do you think you can’t look better?
  • Do you think you can’t run that mile?


You’re WRONG! And I’m going to prove it to you. Actually, you’re going to prove it to yourself, once you break every barrier you thought existed about your fitness. However, don’t take my word for it.

Let me give you a brief background about myself and show you why …

It’s Not Hard To Lose Weight In The Military!

I have a military background. I’m proud of that. “Go Navy”

I’ve served in the U.S. Navy and I’ve been put through some of the toughest physical challenges in the world.

There, you don’t have a choice. If you must run, you run. If you must do 100 push-ups, you do them.

Or face the consequence. Unless you are dead or in a mission, you’d better do what your instructor told you to do. Therefore, everyone exercises.

In the first month, not so fit people (like I was) weren’t too satisfied with the situation. We didn’t understood why the heck we must run so much – especially that we are in the 21st century.

After two months, I’ve realized I’m capable of things I thought impossible. I could run. And I could fight.

And I was actually good at both of them. Plus, I was fit and I was slim.

Three short months in the military did to me what two years at a gym club didn’t. Plus, I wasn’t dead. I wasn’t injured. My hands were not fractured. My muscles were intact and stronger than ever. All my fears were false.

So in the end, I look at that experience as an inspiring exercise. What you think that you’re capable of and what you’re not is usually false.

It’s false as long as you have the people next to you that will push you to your limit, keep you on track and never give up on you.

That’s what my company commanders did to me and that’s what I’m going to do to you (some what…).

You may dislike or hate me. But I’ll always respect you and I’ll only push you to your limits, not put you in any harm.

There are better gyms than ours. I admit that.

There are better trainers than I am. I know that.

But there isn’t a better place to find a strong group willing to fight to the end. You will not find a better place where your trainers will be next to you, making you give everything you’ve got inside. And you will not find a better place where we don’t want you to return.

We want you to achieve your goal in the established plan and then continue your life. I’m not here to make a fortune. I’m here to improve your health and fitness. I’m here to make a difference in your life, instead of keeping you in the hamster wheel of working out.


There are many different stories here in our boot camp. You’ll find many different kind of people. Some of us work out for pleasure. Other for their health. Others because they are sick and tired of feeling FAT.


Check Out these videos below

I’m more than happy, I can say that I’m honored of receiving emails, phone calls and personal visits from people who first came to me and adopted a healthy, exciting life after they’ve left our boot camp.

Whatever you want … whatever your goal is, we won’t judge you.We will help you. Through every means possible. You can count on that!

What Are The Benefits Of Melting Fat Away & Getting in Shape With Get in Shape Boot Camp

Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider joining our boot camp today:

  • You’ll be held 100% accountable of your actions. This means that you must do what you promised to do, no matter if you like it or not. You’ll hate us in the start, but you’ll thank us later.
  • You’ll be part of a highly motivated team wishing the same thing as you – to get in shape. They don’t care if you are fat, thin, tall or small. They care only if you are 100% committed, like they are. You wouldn’t let them down, would you?
  • You will get our full group and personal attention. This means that we, the trainers, we’ll lead by example and we’ll be there to direct you and help you all the time. We do this because we love it. We don’t do it for the money.
  • You will get a fully customized professional meal plan for the best results possible. We promise to include delicious food there also!
  • You’ll enjoy fun, provocative, challenging workouts in nature. We don’t like treadmills and I think you shouldn’t like them too.
  • You’ll be held accountable for your presence and working out. The last person that quit was never heard from him before :) . Now, seriously, we’ll make it easy for you to stick to the program and we’ll everything that’s legally and ethically to help you finish.
  • And many … many more.


What Should You Do Next?

I’ve talked a lot to you about the benefits of working out and how accountability works. Now, why don’t you see this for yourself?

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What’s the catch you may ask?

I’m so convinced that once you come to your first workout, once we have the chance to talk, once you feel the sense of satisfaction that comes after completing it, you’ll stay. For one month, two months, maybe for the entire year.

However, I know that you’ll stay – you just have to feel the sweet taste of victory.

That’s all. You will pay $197 $77 $59.99, you can attend any of our programs for one month and if you decide that this is for you, I’ll suggested a further program, based on your needs. If not, you have gained the confidence that you can SUCCEED.

There’s no hidden credit card charge and you won’t have to pay any taxes afterwards.


YES, I want to join “Get in Shape Boot Camp”. I’m tired of how I look or how I feel and I want to change that for the better. I’m a winner and I want to workout with like-minded people who will stop for nothing to achieve their fitness goals. I understand that all I have to pay is $197 $77 $59.99, for one complete month with full access to BootCamp/Large Group Training Classes. If after this month I am satisfied with the experience, I can upgrade to a full program anytime.

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